Supra Clear Armor

Supra Clear Armor.


Supra Clear Armor® is a patented system of catalyst activated “isomeric” polymers which have been solubilized in specially denatured ethyl/isopropyl alcohol. This system yields a hydrophobic monomolecular coating that is chemically and physically bonded to glass to make the surface virtually unable to become or hold moisture. The broad-spectrum multifunctional invisible coating exhibits “synergistic” surface activity against weathering and the entire range of air and water-borne pollutants.


Supra Clear Armor® combines exceptional multi-surface versatility with single-product convenience. It is effective on all types of glass! The novel structure permits it to bond to a surface, but not to itself. Accordingly, unlike other coatings, it is not subject to build-up and acts as an integral part of the treated surface. Supra Clear Armor® incorporates unparalleled application and performance characteristics. It is ready to use and requires no mixing or dilution. Being a wipe-on treatment, it offers both ease and flexibility of application. It is extremely fast acting and non-dusting; contains no waxes, plastics or resins. The film is optically clear, non distorting, non-reflective and does not change the index of refraction. The non-reactive polymeric structure will not peel, crack or discolor; it is unaffected by soaps, solvents or detergents. With its low cost, remarkable coverage, durability and performance.

It offers outstanding economic benefits.


By virtue of its unique ability to strikingly alter the surface characteristics of glass for improved interior and exterior performance, Supra Clear Armor® permits the practice of preventative cleaning and maintenance as well as surface protection and durability. By treating glass to actively repel water, re-direct environmental debris and restrict the adhesion and build-up of all foreign matter, it can be washed with clear water or common wash solutions without the use of abrasives and strong acids or alkalis. It prevents vision distortion and provides a unique hydrodynamic rinsing action by effectively causing water to “bead” and roll off, instead of filming on the surface. With its friction reducing/anti-stick properties, Supra Clear Armor® is both an Anti-Scratch Conditioner and a Non-Stick Coating. It imparts a high degree of electrostatic reducing surface lubricity for improved abrasion resistance, strength, restored clarity and reduced affinity for soiling and staining. Additionally, glass looks better, stays cleaner and is infinitely easier to wash or wipe off!

Clear Armor Product lines

Clear Armor OriginalThe Original Tuff Stuff!

supra 10x

We’ve got you covered with this one!

This bottled liquid product ensures that the surface you are coating receives a HEAVY and THOROUGH saturation; this is achieved through its double application process.  If you want a product with high protective and performance properties, strong hydrophobic values, improved optical clarity and enhanced glass performance, this is the Premier Product line for you! When looking through their treated glass some of our Customers say it’s like wearing their glasses without actually wearing their glasses, yikes? (Our Lawyer says, Supra Canada claims no such corrective lens viewing properties are in any of the products we sell and we will not be held liable for any accidents caused by drivers not wearing their glasses.)

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Supra X

supra x

It’s like Malcolm X, impactful, resilient and brilliant. This conveniently packaged Nano Towelette is for thorough, effective, single coating applications. Large enclosed cloth with good product saturation allows for a thorough single coating on your glass, its protective and hydrophobic properties are in line with what you’re looking for if you are experiencing moderate exposure to road debris and environmental contaminates. Enjoy the difference it makes!

Supra X is also used to Support the maintenance of Clear Armor Original, the Tuff Stuff.

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Supra Extreme Rain

supra xtreme rain

Want to tilt the “recipe” a little? Some protective qualities with a slightly heightened hydrophobicity? Do you live in a region that is exposed to rainy seasons and wet snow? Extreme Rain is delivering the perfect blend of properties for coastal regions or seasonal performance in any Canadian Region. Its convenient Nano Towelette Packaging has an effective single coating application. One large enclosed cloth with good product saturation allows for a thorough single coating on your glass, its protective and hydrophobic properties remain active for those who experience minimal exposer to road debris.

This is much more than a hydrophobic product! Extreme Rain promises it will help protect your glass and improve functional and optical performance!!

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supra boost

A superb temporary hydrophobic solution! Keep one (or 10) in your glove compartment for that day when the rain exceeds your wiper blade capacity. Delivered to you in a convenient affordable towelette package, its quick, its easy, its effective! Tear open, wipe onto you glass surface and wipe off, takes just a few minutes. Excellent for that road trip to minimize the agony of removing those nasty spatters of an insect’s final destination.

Use it to help aid other Clear Armor applications.

Try it on the bottom of your boat to make cleaning off that water scum easier!

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Supra Reload

supra reload

Bottled nectar! This convenient bottle is filled with ready to go hydrophobic spray applications, great to jazz up your window when cleaning to aid in maintaining your protective coating, it helps rejuvenate the activity of your select coating. It’s also great for around the house cleaning: mirrors, glass partitions, deck railing and more. This is an affordable and versatile cleaning aid with beneficial temporary properties to make next time cleaning even easier.

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Supra Cleaner

supra cleaner

Stains on glass are often difficult to fully remove, especially if they have built up over months or years. This specially formulated and proprietary cleaner will “dig” out the mineral stains and grime that are set deep into the peeks and valleys of your glass surface leaving it beautiful and clean once again. This is a great and highly recommended step to prepping your glass prior to sealing it with your selected coating barrier.

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Environmentally Friendly

environmentally friendly sealYes we are. We are proud to contribute to a greener, less toxic environment. No more harsh cleaners seeping into our ground soil or ground water, we offer smart, sustainable, zero emission and safe alternatives to our Customers. We can offer products that have the highest Green Standards.




Retail and Business opportunities: Would you like to carry our products on your shelf in a retail environment? Would you like to offer our products as a service or sales enhancer to your current offerings? If either or both are of interest to you, or if you would like to talk about how to become a Distributor, please drop us a line and we will be sure to get back to you and discuss how we can best serve your needs.

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Product Benefits


I was driving on a warm winter day, when an oncoming semi pulled out in front of me. There was a lot of sand and slushy snow on the road, and I could see the tidal wave of muck coming at me. I knew I was in trouble, but, before I even reached for the wipers, the entire mess flew right off my windshield and I could see perfectly again. From that moment, I was sold on Diamon-Fusion. (2016)

Randy C., Assistant Manager of Facilities and Transportation BC School District, British Columbia, Canada

I have noticed an incredible difference when driving in the rain, and cold weather in particular. The water simply rolls off and there are no streaks impeding my visibility. In cold weather, I used to be annoyed by glare on my windshield, particularly in the sun. The Diamon-Fusion coating has eliminated this and my windshield is totally clear in these conditions. I park my car outside and have also noticed my windshield doesn't gather dust or debris as easily. Somehow it just stays cleaner!

Scott M.

I was introduced to the protective glass coating from a friend. I was skeptical at first having experience with a mass distribution glass product before that didn’t end well. Once I had the application done I saw an immediate difference. The glass seemed so much clearer, and when the rain hit it, the reaction was different than anything I have experienced. I live where it rains most of the year, and I’m so impressed I have introduced the product to my boss, in hopes of it being installed on our fleet vehicles.

Les Tri Cities, Vancouver, BC

Our visibility was vastly improved! We could see the road more clearly, even during a rainstorm, without using the windshield wipers! The glare at night is totally omitted! This is an AMAZING product. (2017)

Nadine Coquitlam B.C.

I thought I would take a moment to send you feedback regarding your Clear Armour glass treatment. I noticed your product displayed at the local auto parts store and while it was a higher priced product compared to the windshield treatments being displayed, I had tried most of the “other ones “with less than desirable results. Your product was applied to the 3 windshields on my 37’ trawler class boat over a year ago and WOW, have only had to use the wipers once in that period and only to clear a 2’ snow accumulation. Fog, drizzle, west coast rain deluge, it doesn’t matter, its like an invisible shield and my windshield stays clear. A full year later, and with at least 2 days of use per week year-round, your product still sheds water as well as the day it was applied. I have since purchased additional treatments for my personal vehicles and work vehicles with the same great results as the boat. Thank you.

Shane Heron, Director of National Operations Watson Gloves

Your product works beautifully. We finally took a test drive. We were over a hundred kms from home when a storm started brewing. We headed into the rain but it wasn’t enough to put our wipers on. Then it got worse, and we saw traffic coming towards us with their wipers FULL on. We still hadn’t had to hit the wipers and now came a sure test -- a semi was coming. I was expecting to be blinded by the spray for a split second, as the truck came rushing by, and no, we could see perfectly. That was a charge, and when we finally got home, the “entire” windshield was as clean as if I’d just cleaned it. I mentioned I’d give you rave reviews if ever asked and I thought I’d share. And I’m sharing that information with my friends. I already feel like I got my money’s worth.


I had tried everything to get the hard water stains off my shower glass, no “off the shelf” product even came close to working. After speaking to Supra Canada and them suggesting the Diamon-Fusion Glass Rescue product, I finally achieved the results I was hoping for. My shower glass looks like new and I have now applied the protective glass coating. This solution was a cost-effective alternative to replacing the glass. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer.

Scott Lumsden, Saskatchewan

I often go on sea kayaking expeditions with my Gopro mounted on the front deck. This allows me to capture the beauty of nature as well as interesting moments. A real problem is water coating the lens of the camera ruining the video. Keeping water off the lens in a kayak for any length of time is next to impossible. To address this issue after having what could have been great videos ruined on expeditions in Baja, Mexico and Washington State, I researched hydrophobic coatings and came across Diamond Fusion. I purchased a packet of the Defender product and applied it to the GoPro. Once the coating was dry, I buffed it with a lens cloth and the lens looked unchanged. This was reassuring. I then tested it under running tap water, it didn't stick to the lens. I have since taken the camera out on a number of kayaking trips and kayak rolling training in lakes and it has performed beautifully, water just beads off. It doesn't get in the way of my capturing trip highlights. I highly recommend this product for this purpose.

Norm W.
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