The Science Behind It.

Supra Canada and it supportive cast of product lines represent major breakthroughs in Surface Coating Technology Science. We offer the Industries absolute best products, offering high performance micron-thin wipe on transparent polymer coating materials that bond to glass (covalent) and imparts a remarkable degree of functional improvements such as, debris deflection and environmental water, soil and stain repellency. Combined, these attributes work to minimize the interfacial contact between the surface and its heterogeneous environment. The absolutely invisible polymeric barrier coatings formed by its application also restores and improves clarity, corrects natural distortion, improves appearance and reduces surface friction (10x greater deflection strength). Added benefits are a reduced affinity for soiling and staining by environmental contaminates. Your glass looks better, performs better, stays cleaner longer and is infinitely easier to wash or wipe off!

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PT Albasia Bhumiphala Persada_PRI Project_2015 04 27

Pullman Jakarta Indonesial Hotel_PRI Project_2015 04 27

Vitro Altreca Project final_5-15-14-2

40 Bond St New York Cricursa DFI architectural project 03 09 publication(1)

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DFI Building Beautiful Presentation – Sep 2014 pblc_2014.09.18

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Product Benefits


I was introduced to the protective glass coating from a friend. I was skeptical at first having experience with a mass distribution glass product before that didn’t end well. Once I had the application done I saw an immediate difference. The glass seemed so much clearer, and when the rain hit it, the reaction was different than anything I have experienced. I live where it rains most of the year, and I’m so impressed I have introduced the product to my boss, in hopes of it being installed on our fleet vehicles.

Les Tri Cities, Vancouver, BC

I thought I would take a moment to send you feedback regarding your Clear Armour glass treatment. I noticed your product displayed at the local auto parts store and while it was a higher priced product compared to the windshield treatments being displayed, I had tried most of the “other ones “with less than desirable results. Your product was applied to the 3 windshields on my 37’ trawler class boat over a year ago and WOW, have only had to use the wipers once in that period and only to clear a 2’ snow accumulation. Fog, drizzle, west coast rain deluge, it doesn’t matter, its like an invisible shield and my windshield stays clear. A full year later, and with at least 2 days of use per week year-round, your product still sheds water as well as the day it was applied. I have since purchased additional treatments for my personal vehicles and work vehicles with the same great results as the boat. Thank you.

Shane Heron, Director of National Operations Watson Gloves

I was driving on a warm winter day, when an oncoming semi pulled out in front of me. There was a lot of sand and slushy snow on the road, and I could see the tidal wave of muck coming at me. I knew I was in trouble, but, before I even reached for the wipers, the entire mess flew right off my windshield and I could see perfectly again. From that moment, I was sold on Diamon-Fusion. (2016)

Randy C., Assistant Manager of Facilities and Transportation BC School District, British Columbia, Canada

Our visibility was vastly improved! We could see the road more clearly, even during a rainstorm, without using the windshield wipers! The glare at night is totally omitted! This is an AMAZING product. (2017)

Nadine Coquitlam B.C.

I had tried everything to get the hard water stains off my shower glass, no “off the shelf” product even came close to working. After speaking to Supra Canada and them suggesting the Diamon-Fusion Glass Rescue product, I finally achieved the results I was hoping for. My shower glass looks like new and I have now applied the protective glass coating. This solution was a cost-effective alternative to replacing the glass. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer.

Scott Lumsden, Saskatchewan
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